Kill Switch Pen - 510 Battery

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Make the switch, #vapekillswitch

The Killswitch is more than just a 510 threaded battery.
It is an 11mm advanced vaporizer battery with some killer features. Designed specifically for use with concentrates and extracts. Works with Liberty style tanks and much more.

  - 350mah capacity

  - Pre Heat Feature
  - Designed for 11mm Liberty tanks
  - USB micro port on bottom of battery for charging
       (no more removing the tank to charge)
  - Color LED power mode indicator around fire button.
  - Charging LED  on bottom of battery

3 Unique Power Modes:
  - White LED - 3.2V
  - Blue LED - 3.7V
  - Red LED - 4.2V

To Operate:
  - 5 Clicks - Turn On/ Turn Off
  - 3 Clicks - Cycle Voltage
  - 2 Clicks - Pre Heat Mode